Time, stolen

It happened: the title I chose for this magazine turned out to be too true. I was stealing time, indeed, in order to focus on this magazine and time got back at me. For the past several months I have been dealing with a life uprooted by divorce, my children’s emotional turmoil, a living arrangement in a constant state of change. There was a hiatus, but one that was unannounced, unplanned, without clear borders.

The beautiful “Opening” special pregnancy and birth issue arrived at the front door of the house where I have been living a few days ago. I will be sending it out to subscribers and contributors this week. Our fourth regular issue, “Milestones,” will be published in mid-winter 2014, with the first issue of Volume II, “Wild Things,” a few months later.

2 thoughts on “Time, stolen”

  1. I’m happy to find you back online. What courage and persistence!
    All best to you in the New Year,
    Jane Attanucci (contributor to Milestones issue)

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